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Carry Me Home

Obstetric fistula - the formation of a hole between the vagina and the bladder and/or rectum - is a debilitating condition that can result from prolonged obstructed labor. However, deeper exploration reveals that the problem occurs within the framework of larger issues, such as lack of access to effective health care pre- and post-delivery, and limited socio-economic options for women.

In August 2005 we spent an inspiring week in northern Nigeria, where we visited the FORWARD Center (Foundation for Women's Health Research and Development) in Dambatta and got to know its seventeen present clients - all women who have lived with, or are living with, obstetric fistula. FORWARD's founder, Dr. Rahmat Mohammad, stresses that the rehabilitation carried out at this center is psychological and socio-economic as well as physical. Counseling and the acquisition of practical income-generating skills provide the backdrop for a full return to health, in the holistic sense of the term.

The promotional trailer (available for download from this website) aims to shed light on the feelings and hopes of the courageous women whom we met, as well as to spotlight the innovative approach adopted by FORWARD in confronting the fistula issue.

NEW! In April 2006 we returned to Kano state to visit again with last year's FORWARD clients. Many of them have returned to their respective villages and are making use of their new skills to participate in the economic life of the community. However, several women have yet to attain full recovery... The updated version of "Carry Me Home" reflects these developments, expanding upon our previous exploration of the obstetric fistula issue.



In memory of Suheila, Aisha and Akilu.


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